Singer Joss Stone 'Felt Sorry' for Men Who Plotted to Kill Her

Joss Stone, the Grammy Award-winning singer who was the target of a "bizarre" kidnapping and murder plot in her native Britain, says she "felt sorry" for the men who plotted against her.

"There was a big part of me that felt sorry for them, sorry for their mums. I kept thinking, 'What drives people to do something so awful as this?" the 26-year-old said, speaking for the first time about the experience in an interview with the Daily Mail's Mail on Sunday Event Magazine.

She added: "I did actually want to ask them why. Was it because of me? Was it because I sang a song they hated? Was it because of something I did?"

Two men, Junior Bradshaw, 32, and Kevin Liverpool, 35, were convicted in April in the 2011 plot to rob Stone and behead her with a samurai sword.

Bizarre Murder Plot Against Joss Stone Finally Put To Rest

When they were caught in June 2011, police found their car packed with knives, hammers and a samurai sword. They were in Stone's neighborhood, showing her photo to residents and asking them where the singer lived.

Neighbors grew suspicious and alerted police.

Bradshaw and Liverpool reportedly were motivated by Stone's wealth and her connection to the royal family. She is friends with Prince William and was invited to his wedding to Kate Middleton. She also sang at a concert honoring the late Princess Diana.

"I think it is quite possible she was targeted for her close association with Prince William," said Andrew Wallenstein of "She is known to have a linkage to the royal family and that of course is going to keep her in the public eye."

Liverpool got a life sentence with a minimum term of 10 years, while Bradshaw was sentenced to 18 years.

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Stone's mother, Wendy Joseph, said the singer's entire family is relieved the trial is over.

While she acknowledged the seriousness of the situation, Stone told the magazine that she didn't want to live in fear or change her lifestyle.

"They didn't kill me, they didn't even harm me, the whole thing was this ridiculous, bizarre story that was in some ways like the most random black comedy. That's how I see it," she said.

She is out with a new single, and is ready to put the plot behind her.

"I could be devastated, scared, crying, afraid to be left on my own, I could go for a sympathy vote or I could say… just get up, carry on," she said. "It didn't happen. Don't give it any more power and just get on with life."

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