Whatever Happened to: '7th Heaven' Darling Mackenzie Rosman
PHOTO: Mackenzie Rosman

(Photo credit: Getty Images | Carlos Nunez/Maxim Magazine)

Mackenzie Rosman was just 6 years old when she brought the adorable Ruthie Camden to life on "7th Heaven."

Rosman, 23, definitely is not 6 anymore. "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" star left very little to the imagination in the latest issue of Maxim, stripping down to just her underwear.

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In March, Rosman tweeted about the racy shoot, insinuating that there must have been a little coercion to get her to bare almost everything.

"I caved… Just wrapped a # Maxim photoshoot ;)" she said.

Rosman played a Protestant minister's daughter, one of seven children, on "7th Heaven," which aired until 2007.

Things have changed since then. The magazine's tagline reads, "Ruthie Camden is officially all grown up. Heaven help us!"

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She also might be showing more than just some skin. After Syfy's uncanny success with "Sharknado," Rosman will star in the network's next shark-inspired thriller, "Ghost Shark," which airs Aug. 22.

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