Home Damaged by Sandy Named 'Home of the Year'
PHOTO: Marian Lizzis Breezy Point, New York bungalow after Superstorm Sandy, left, and after Country Livings House Of The Year 2013 restoration, right.

Country Living/Alec Hemer

A New York home that was devastated when superstorm Sandy blew through the East Coast last October received a first-class makeover and was awarded the "Home of the Year" prize from Country Living magazine.

Marian Lizzi's dream home in Breezy Point, Queens, was wind- and water-damaged after Sandy hit New York, destroying the floor and walls beyond repair.

Country Living/Alec Hemer

The editors at Country Living, which typically constructs a model home for its annual "Home of the Year" issue, decided instead to donate their resources to a victim of Sandy. When they saw photos of Lizzi's beach cottage and heard her story, they decided to help.

"I think she couldn't believe it was happening. She didn't get any money after the damage. Everything was a loss. She was going to have to put it all back on her own. I think she was thrilled. She just couldn't believe it was happening," said Jami Supsic, deputy style and market editor at Country Living.

Country Living/Alec Hemer

"We just really wanted to bring color and light and a cheery mix of new finds and vintage, and make sure to take care of practical concerns like upper storage in case of another flood," she said.

Lizzi was traveling, and was unavailable to comment.

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