Michelle Phan Answers Your Makeup Questions
VIDEO: Michelle Phans 4-million-plus YouTube user following helped her ink deal with LOreal.

Michelle Phan has made a name for herself in a huge way with her YouTube makeup tutorials that have amassed 1 billion views in 220 countries. Now, she's launching her own makeup line called Em that has her fans in mind.

Speaking of her fans, we opened the floor for beauty advice you were seeking from Phan. Get a flawless face with her tips below:

#PhanGMA what is your best tip for oily skin?

- alyssa (@alyssa7142) August 14, 2013

Priming the face before applying makeup will help control oil. You should also avoid using products that have oil in it. You should stick with gel or water-based products. Also: powder, powder, powder and bring oil blotting sheets with you.

#PhanGMA my eye lash Curlers chopped my eyelashes off :( is there anything I can do to make them grow up back as fast as possible? - SoulessPancake (@SoulessPancake) August 14, 2013

You can try Latisse or apply a little Vaseline on the tips of your eyelashes to help condition them.

#PhanGMA @GMA @MichellePhan best skincare tip for the fall months? - Grace Adams (@gracetnadams) August 14, 2013

Since we are in a transitional period now, I recommend you use gel products in the daytime and cream-based and emollient products at night for extra hydration.

#PhanGMA What color eyeshadows can i use to pull off a red lipstick look?

- Paige Proctor (@PaigeProctor) August 14, 2013

With red lips, using a neutral eye shadow will make the eye pop. But if you are looking for a more festive look, gold is a great eye color to use, especially around the inner corners of the eyes. This will make them pop.

If you were stuck on an island what are the three main beauty products that you would have with you? #PhanGMA

- Samah Khan (@MidSummerzDay) August 14, 2013

My three items would be concealer, a colored lip balm (which can double as cheek stain), and mascara (which can double as a gel liner for eyes).

#PhanGMA : " do you feel uncomfortable without makeup? X @SABETRO

- sabetro (@SABETRO) August 14, 2013

I feel comfortable without makeup because everyone's seen me online without my makeup on! I think the best way to get over your fears is to post pictures online without any makeup on. This will help you accept yourself and the fact the no one is picture perfect.

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