How Ashton Kutcher Would Have 'Punk'd' Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher, 35, spent the better part of the last decade pranking unsuspecting celebrities on his show "Punk'd." But there was one big target he missed: Steve Jobs.

After playing the Apple founder in the new biopic "Jobs," Kutcher knows exactly how he would have pranked the perfectionist if he had the chance.

"When we did 'Punk'd' we would try to break people down and understand what would really get under their skin," Kutcher said.

Jobs' pet peeve, according to Kutcher, was work that was lazily executed.

"The one thing he could not handle was 'half-assed' work," Kutcher said. "If he felt like somebody 'half-assed' it and turned something in, he would just lose it."

You'll have to watch the above clip to hear Kutcher tell Peter Travers just how he would have made Jobs "lose it," but a hint is that it involves the most awful PowerPoint presentation of all time.

For more of Peter Travers' interview with Kutcher, in which the actor reveals how he prepared for his Steve Jobs portrayal, watch the video embedded below.

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