Young British Tourist Struck by NYC Taxi Now to Lose More of Leg

The 23-year-old British tourist whose foot was severed when a New York City taxi swerved onto a curb will now require further amputation of her leg, her father said in a statement today from his home in Leicester, England.

Sian Green and her best friend Keisha Warren were sitting on the ledge of a fountain eating hot dogs at Rockefeller Plaza Tuesday when a 24-year-old taxi driver hit the curb, causing Green to fly up in the air and land with her left foot severed and the other injured. A plumber who witnessed the accident rushed to her aid, followed by famous TV personality Dr. Oz, who tended to Green until emergency rescuers whisked her to the Bellevue Medical Center for surgery.

A distraught Warren, unharmed by the taxi, stayed behind, unable to join her close friend in the ambulance.

Green's father, Jason Green, said the family was planning to fly to New York to be with Sian, according to the U.K.'s Telegraph. Green's boyfriend, who she recently moved in with, is also arranging a cross-Atlantic trip to the Big Apple.

"Her friend Keshia is still in shock. We are a really close family we are all devastated by what has happened. We don't know what to say. … We just want to be at our daughter's side right now," Jason Green said.

The two best friends, who sport matching "les amis" tattoos on their arms, had been anticipating their trip to New York for months. On July 14, Green uploaded a photo on Instagram showing a clock with a New York City backdrop counting down the days to her arrival. Beneath the photo was the note "New York plzzzzz hurry up! #newyork #excited #August #lovinglife, according to the New York Daily News.

According to Green's Facebook page, she had her sights on a career in fashion and had been working as a fashion-buyer trainee at Hugo Boss while attending De Montfort University in England.

The taxi driver, meanwhile, received a summons for being the unauthorized driver of the vehicle but so far faces no additional charges, police said. Reports show that he'd had seven traffic violations in the past three years.

Police say Green is now in stable condition.

ABC News reached out to Bellevue hospital and the Green family for comment, but neither responded.

The NYC taxi that hit the curb at Rockefeller Plaza and severed British tourist's foot as she ate a hot dog, Aug. 20, 2013. (Credit: G N Miller/ Splash News)

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