Obama Stops For Pie
PHOTO: President Obama shopping for pies

Jason Reed/Reuters

LENOX, Pa. - No Obama bus tour would be complete without a stop for the president's favorite treat: pie.

On the road to Scranton this afternoon, the president made a surprise visit to Bingham's Restaurant in Lenox, Pa.

"Hello, everybody," Obama exclaimed as he walked into the sunny restaurant with Sen. Bob Casey by his side. "I hear you've got the best pieā€¦ That's the word on the street."

The president walked straight up to the counter, where more than a dozen pies and sweet treats were on display under a sign that read "Try The Pie."

A tempting coconut cream pie was already set out. The owner later told reporters he had heard it was one of the president's favorites.

"Coconut cream pie," Obama said with excitement.

The president ordered one coconut cream, one cherry and one pecan pie, joking to Casey that it was "just my order" and he had to place his own.

The president spent a few minutes chatting with the folks behind the counter, asking owner Dave Scarpetta about business.

"Don't let him pay, cause I'm paying," Obama said, motioning to Casey. The pies at Bingham's run $12.95 a piece.

The president then worked the room while his treats were being boxed up, greeting diners at the bar and those seated in the green leather booths and shaking hands and posing for pictures.

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