Adam Levine's Fiancee Snaps Him in His Skivvies
PHOTO: Behati Prinsloo, posted on Instagram this image of her Fiance, Adam Levine

(Photo credit: Instagram/behatiiprinsloo)

As if women everywhere weren't already envious of model Behati Prinsloo for landing Adam Levine, now she's flaunting the fact by posting a near-nude photo of the singer on Instagram.

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In the photo, Levine is seen walking down a hallway in what looks like a TV studio. He's naked except for a pair of sunglasses, a necklace and some black briefs. "70's porn called. It wants its vibe back. Immediately," Prinsloo wrote, but c'mon - you know it's just an excuse to show off her fiance's hot bod!

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Levine, 34, and Prinsloo, 24, were engaged last month. ( Prinsloo is an Africa-born Victoria's Secret model.)

You'll be able to see Levine - fully clothed, sadly - on your TV every week in less than a month, when The Voice returns September 23.

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