Girl, 13, Attacked by Shark off Florida Beach

A 13-year-old girl was bit by a shark in shallow waters off the coast of a popular Florida beach, making her the third victim of a shark attack in five days at New Smyrna Beach.

The girl, who has not been identified, was bit on the heel just after 1 p.m. while wading in three feet of water while surfing, Capt Tammy Marris, spokeswoman for the Volusia County Beach Patrol.

The girl left the water on her own power, was treated by paramedics on the scene and taken to a nearby hospital by her parents in their car, Marris said. The girl's injuries were described as "minor."

Authorities did not identified the species of shark but estimated its length at three feet based on the size of the injury.

Lifeguards will evacuate a beach if a shark is spotted before an attack, but no one saw the shark and bathers were permitted to remain in the water, Marris said.

On Saturday two men were bit over the course of a several hours. Both men sustained minor injuries to their legs. There have been six such incidents at the beach this year. Each of the victims sustained minor injuries.

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