Photo: Does Arnold Schwarzenegger Have a New Blonde Girlfriend?

(Photo Credit: Splash News)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back - at least when it comes to dating.

The "Terminator" star was pictured kissing blonde physical therapist Heather Milligan on Monday in Santa Monica, Calif.

The potential new couple looked comfortable with each other, seen enjoying dinner while Schwarzenegger, 66, sported a brown leather jacket and full-grown beard.

Rumors and pictures of the two spending time together started to surface earlier in the year. The New York Daily News reported the two eating together at Babalu restaurant in Santa Monica back in February.

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The former governor of California and Milligan have been mum about any relationship all year, coming on the heels of Schwarzenegger's split from Maria Shriver in 2011 after two and half decades of marriage.

Schwarzenegger told "Good Morning America" last year that he hoped to reunite with Shriver, who filed for divorce after the actor admitted to fathering a child with the family housekeeper Mildred Baena.

"I'm sure that Maria wishes that we could all be together and I definitely wish that we could all be together," he told "GMA" last October. "It's just one of the disastrous situations I've created and the worst thing that I've ever done."

A representative for the actor did not respond to a request for comment.

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