Man Blames Yacht Rampage on 'Asian Female Ninja' Attack, Cops Say

It was a scene fit for a Steven Seagal movie. Claiming he was trying to escape an "Asian female ninja" who "had been trying to kill him," a Texas man allegedly stole a yacht while visiting Seattle, and rammed it into various vessels and docks, according to a criminal complaint.

In the complaint, released by the King County Prosecutor's Office, Michael Allan Bray, 22, told Seattle police he was a "CIA operative" trying to escape the "female ninja" who was "attempting to kill him." He also admitted to police that he drank six beers, took ecstasy pills and ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms before allegedly stealing the 42-foot yacht and causing damages totaling $483,000, police said.

David Svendsen, who was aboard his boat on Sept. 15, told police he "heard the commotion, went out onto the docks to see what was happening and saw that Bray was about to collide with a boat he knew was currently occupied."

Fearing for people's lives, many of whom were on their boats the evening of the rampage, Svendsen said he yelled several times for Bray to stop, then borrowed a gun from another resident and fired it, loaded with bird shot, at Bray in an attempt to get him to stop.

When police found Bray, he was "naked from the waist down and was straddling the stern" of the 1987 Bayliner yacht named Par-a-gon, the complaint said. He was dripping in blood, pointing in different directions and yelling, "She shot me," a reference to the fictitious ninja, according to the complaint.

Bray allegedly told police the female ninja was "trying to kill him all day," and that she was "hiding in the rafters of the dock." The complaint said that Bray appeared "paranoid and was in hysterics." When he eventually complied with officers to lie on the ground, he told officers that "one of you are dead," according to the complaint

Bray was taken to a local hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. He was arrested and charged with theft, malicious mischief and reckless endangerment.

The yacht, owned by Robert Myers, was worth $94,000, and was reported as a total loss, as was a second boat, according to prosecutors. The complaint states that another 16 vessels were damaged as well. The marina docks and boat sheds sustained damage totaling $200,000.

Myers, who is the vice-commodore of the Queen City Yacht Club, where the incident took place, said the damages total closer to $750,000, according to the documents.

This isn't the first arrest for Bray. According to court documents, he was arrested on a charge of felony possession of a controlled substance in 2011 in Texas, and later pleaded guilty to a deferred charge. He was also arrested in California on a felony charge of "carry concealed dirk or dagger" (a knife that can be used to inflict substantial physical harm or death) on July 4, with no disposition listed.

Bray was being held at the Seattle Correctional Facility with bail set for $100,000. His arraignment is scheduled for Wednesday. reached out to the Queen City Yacht Club for comment from Myers and Svendsen but phone calls were not returned.

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