Katy Perry 'Roar' Contest: Spanish Springs High School's Video in Finals

Spanish Springs High School is the latest finalist in the "Good Morning America"/Katy Perry "Roar" contest.

For the budding media students who bring breaking news to their Sparks, Nev., high school, the contest challenge - to do their rendition of Perry's hit song "Roar" for a chance to win an on-site performance by the pop star - was their biggest assignment yet.

Cole Anderson, the executive producer of the video that the school submitted, said he and his fellow students wanted their entry to stand out.

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With that goal in mind, they crafted a storyline revolving around three topical issues: bullying, cheating and family problems. They hoped their rendition of Perry's "Roar" would resonate.

The production has "real life situations that people can identify with, that everyone has, little or small, it doesn't matter," Anderson told "GMA."

Annie Wagner, Jordyn Owens and Sam Ruebush were cast as the three female leads in the video.

"Any teenager can overcome the problems that are illustrated through our video," Owens said.

After hundreds of hours of planning, the entire student body got involved. They even got a plane donated to film their effort.

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"This school has never had this type of spirit and energy and today," Mike Bowers, the school's broadcast journalist teacher, said. "You can almost hear it buzzing."

And, playing on the title of three of the singer's biggest hits, the video's female leads made a final, impassioned plea on "GMA."

"Katy Perry, this is our teenage dream," Ruebush said.

"It's going to be like fireworks," Wagner added.

"Don't let our school be the one that got away," Owens said.

Perry and "GMA" will pick the winning video and broadcast the concert live on "GMA" Oct. 25.

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