You May Already Know 'Fifty Shades of Grey's' Jamie Dornan - Here's How
PHOTO: Jamie Dornan attends the 9 Countries, 9 men, 1 Winner Kalvin Klein Photocall at House of Fraser, Oxford Street, Sept. 5, 2009, in London.

Reports have begun to surface that Jamie Dornan has been cast as Christian Grey in the "Fifty Shades" movie, following Charlie Hunnam's exit. Like Hunnam for "Sons of Anarchy," you already know Dornan, 31, for some of his past work. From his first appearance onscreen opposite the likes of Kirsten Dunst and Rose Byrne to being paid to take his clothes off, here's where you've probably seen Dornan before this game-changing role and why he's perfect to step into the shoes of the charming businessman with a taste for bondage.

  • Sexy Sheriff: Dornan starred opposite Jennifer Morrison in "Once Upon a Time," taking on the role of Sheriff Graham. In the Disney project, Dornan managed to get himself into a love triangle with Morrison's character, the savior of Storybrooke, and the evil queen. Fans were not too happy when the evil queen decided to crush Graham's heart, killing him and once again, making the Seven Dwarfs the hottest guys in town.
  • Model Behavior: Dornan has the body that most guys want and most girls swoon over. So, it comes at no surprise that he started as a model, with campaigns for Armani and Calvin Klein, where he can be seen in nothing but his tighty whities.
  • In Good Company: The newest man to play Christian Grey has dated some beautiful women of his own. He was linked quietly to Keira Knightly from 2003 to 2005 after meeting during a photo shoot in New York City. He's also been linked to Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss.
  • 'Killer' Looks: Bondage, submission and sexual exploration takes a special breed of actor to portray on-screen. Dornan has had some extreme roles before, playing a serial killer in the BBC show, "The Fall." His character Paul Spector, was a loving husband that just happened to murder women. After that, a few whips and chains, and Dakota Johnson shouldn't be too much trouble.
  • 'Marie Antoinette': Dornan does have big-screen experience and with some heavy hitters. He starred opposite Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Coppola's 2006 film "Marie Antoinette," and played the man whom Dunst had a cinematic affair with.
  • 'Suddenly I See': The Irish-born actor was also a professional musician and a working one at that. He toured with KT Tunstall (you know, the song from "Devil Wears Prada" titled "Suddenly I see") before his band Sons of Jim broke up a few years back. Could his band's music make it into 'Fifty Shades,' maybe during a love scene?

(Photo Credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

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