Katy Perry Passes Justin Bieber to Become Twitter's Most-Followed Person
PHOTO: Katy Perry Has More Twitter Followers Than Justin Bieber

Christopher Polk|ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

All hail the new ruler of Twitter - Katy Perry.

Riding a wave of momentum from the release of her new album, "Prism," Perry, 29, has become the most-followed person on the social media site, surpassing Justin Bieber.

As of 6 a.m. ET Monday, Perry had 46.5 million followers, ahead of Bieber's 46.49 million.

That's still a narrow gap between the two, and Bieber is helping his cause with his "Music Mondays" program, which he promotes heavily on Twitter. He just released his latest tune, "Bad Day," this morning and will be releasing a new song every week until December 16.

Perhaps in anticipation of knocking Bieber off the No. 1 spot, Perry dressed up as the 19-year-old pop star for Halloween.

Bieber took over the most-followers title nine months ago, ending Lady Gaga's more than two-year reign. She now holds down the third position.

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