USPS Carrier Probed for Not Delivering Junk Mail
PHOTO: A Penn Hills, Pa., United States Postal Service carrier

A Penn Hills, Pa., United States Postal Service carrier is under investigation for allegedly not delivering standard mail, more commonly known as "junk mail."

Special agents with the U.S Postal Service Office of Inspector General first responded to reports of undelivered mail on Tuesday, Scott Balfour told ABC News today in an e-mailed statement. While investigating, they found about 500 pieces of standard rate mail, mostly catalogs and advertisements that had not been delivered.

"My husband does the shopping, and he's upset that he didn't get his ads," said Sheila Borowski, a Penn Hill resident contacted by ABC News.

One of the charges that the mail carrier could face from the US Attorney's Office would be obstruction of correspondence, which carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison.

"These cases are rare," said Scott Balfour, a special agent for the USPS OIG. "However, we do take this seriously, so we will investigate to see that the person responsible will be dealt with appropriately."

The mailman was not identified because of the ongoing investigation.

"He has a job to do, he gets paid. It's the mailman's job to give mail to people. He didn't do it," said Robert McLain, another resident of Penn Hill, told ABC News.

Still, he admitted to hating his junk mail.

"I'm 76 years old - I don't want the junk mail, I don't need the aggravation with the stuff that doesn't concern me," McLain said.

Credit: WTAE-TV

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