Ryan Reynolds on His Father's Parkinson's: 'My Dad's Hanging in There'
PHOTO: Ryan Reynolds and his parents attend the premiere of Just Friends

(Photo Credit: E. Neitzel/Getty Images)

Ryan Reynolds told People magazine this weekend that his father is fighting the good fight against his Parkinson's Disease, in large part thanks to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

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"My dad's hanging in there," he told People during a foundation benefit in New York. "Like so many people who are afflicted with this disease, they have an incredible resource in this foundation … They also have a reason for hope."

Five years ago, Reynolds penned an op-ed for the Huffington Post on his "Father, Jim Reynolds, who's spent the last 15 years in a life or death struggle with Parkinson's Disease."

Around the time of this personal tribute to his father, Reynolds also met Michael J. Fox - an actor who's also been dealing with the disease since 1991.

Reynolds, 37, adds that along with spreading the word about his foundation, he's "gotten to know [Fox and] his family over the years and they're just amazing. They're just an incredible lot of people."

Reynolds told ABC News this summer that if he wasn't an actor, he actually would have been a cop like his father Jim.

"My dad was a cop and my brother's one, that's the family business," he said.

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The man who married Blake Lively in 2012 added one last sentiment about Fox and his cause.

"There's a reason why everyone likes this guy so much-he's just unsinkable," he said.

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