Baby Born on 11/12/13 to Parents Who Married on 9/10/11

The luckiest couple just got luckier.

Not only did Chase and Sarah Oliver, of Greenville, S.C., get married on 9/10/11, but yesterday they welcomed a new bundle of joy into their lives, on 11/12/13.

Little James Douglas Oliver was born shortly before 3 p.m. on the second-to-last sequential date of the century, but the couple, contrary to popular belief, didn't plan it that way.

"It's pretty strange," the baby's father, Chase Oliver, told "Obviously our wedding date was planned for 9/10/11, but he actually wasn't due until the 21 st."

However, yesterday morning around 2 a.m., "my wife's water broke and we had to get the hospital," said Oliver, 29. "He was already 9 pounds so he was definitely ready to come."

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Baby James is a happy, healthy, and now, especially lucky child for his parents.

"We never really expected it since his due date was for so much later," said Oliver. "But everybody is doing good. Mama's good, baby's good. He's 9 pounds, one ounce, and 21 and a half inches long."

And as for how the lucky family plans to spend next year's 12/13/14, the very last sequential date of the century, they're not quite sure, but apparently all their friends and family are hoping for another child.

"Everyone's saying, 'You've got one last shot at it,' but I don't know if that's in our future," Oliver laughed, adding, "If it is, we might need to play the lottery."

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