'A Christmas Story' Tongue-on-Pole Scene Re-Created on New York Train

You just can't say no to a triple-dog dare.

At least that's what legions of viewers learned by watching the famous scene from the winter classic "A Christmas Story," when Flick's tongue gets stuck to an icy flagpole after he accepts a triple-dog dare from another boy.

The memorable scene was replayed recently in a New York City subway car, where straphangers watched three little boys re-enact the scene, including the triple dog dare that ended with one boy's tongue stuck fast to a pole in the subway car until a firefighter arrives and frees him.

Subway riders applauded the happy ending.

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The scene, re-created by Improv Everywhere, is generating lots of interest online. A video of the scene was posted to YouTube on Tuesday, and it had already been viewed more than 100,000 times as of Wednesday night.

On its website, Improv Everywhere describes itself as a New York City-based prank collective that incites scenes of chaos and joy in public places. This scene was re-created as part of its Movies in Real life series.

A previous video in the series re-creates a classic fight scene from "The Matrix."

In a behind-the-scenes video from the "Christmas Story In Real Life" scene, Charlie Todd, creator of Improv Everywhere, explained that the boy actor didn't really risk his health on the train.

"This is actually a prosthetic tongue, which our team custom created with a magnet at the end of it, which sticks to the subway pole," he said.

In the classic film, they pulled off the trick with a plastic pole that had a hole. It was attached to a suction tube and vacuum motor.

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