Rob Ford Slams Obamacare, Redskins Name Flap
PHOTO:Toronto Mayor Rob Ford raises his fist in a mock salute in the council chamber as Councillors look to pass motions to limit his powers in Toronto on Nov. 18, 2013.

(Chris Young/The Canadian Press/AP Photo)

Despite accusations swirling around him on his own turf, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford waded into U.S. politics, denouncing President Obama's health care law on U.S. sports radio this morning.

Ford, who says he would be a Republican if he were in the states, said the Affordable Care Act is just too expensive, despite the fact that Canada prides itself in a government-run universal health care system.

"As a person, I like President Obama. I don't like his policies," Ford told "The Sports Junkies," hosts on the station 106.7 The Fan. "I don't believe in all this public funded health care because you've got to pay for it."

Ford is set to offer sports commentary during the radio show on a weekly basis.

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Furthermore, Ford was concerned that expanding health care through the Affordable Care Act would be funded at the expense of the taxpayers. "It's going to cost a fortune for you guys to implement this Obamacare," said Ford. "I don't see how the people are going to be able to afford it, to tell you the truth."

As a guest on a sports show, Ford didn't miss the opportunity to give his take on the controversy over the Washington Redskins team name. Ford said he thinks the whole debate is unnecessarily politically correct and, as is his custom, spoke candidly on the matter. "Well, you know what, why don't we look at the Cleveland Indians," Ford opined. "What do we call them next, the Cleveland Aboriginals?"

Despite the continued fodder that Ford gives to the press as a result of his questionable actions, he said he "absolutely" has the support of the people and is confident that he will be re-elected in October to another four-year term as mayor.

"My record will speak for itself," Ford said.

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