Why 'Little Couple' Star Jen Arnold Will Show Her Cancer Battle On-Air
PHOTO: Television personalities Jen Arnold, right, and Bill Klein arrive at the 36th Annual Gracie Awards Gala at The Beverly Hilton hotel, May 24, 2011, in Los Angeles.

(Photo credit: Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images)

TV cameras have captured many of the ups and downs of Jen Arnold's life as of late, and her cancer battle won't be any different.

"TLC has chronicled Bill and Jen's lives since 2009 and at their request, we will be following them through this challenge," a TLC spokesperson told ABC News. "Jen is a doctor and teacher and she saw this as an opportunity to educate and possibly help, through sharing her story."

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The star of the reality show, "The Little Couple," 39, revealed this morning that she's battling a "rare type of cancer," though she didn't specify what kind.

"I… am currently undergoing treatment, including surgery and chemotherapy," she said in a statement. "I am very fortunate as the prognosis is very good."

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The Houston-based neonatologist, 39, has been receiving well-wishes on Twitter, with the hashtag #getwelljen, and she seems to be feeling strong.

"It's out there!" she tweeted of her health news. "But I am in the process of beating this!"

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