Girl, 7, Rescued After Falling Face-First Down 50-Foot Well
PHOTO: A Georgia girl is recovering after falling down a well, Dec. 30, 2013, in Carroll County, Ga.

A 7-year-old old Georgia girl is recovering in a hospital today after plummeting 50 feet down a narrow well.

Megan Winters spent more than an hour trapped in a well in Carroll County, Ga., Monday before rescue crews pulled the little girl to safety. Megan's mother posted on Facebook that her daughter's arm, leg and hip are broken. Her mother also said she had bleeding and a bruise on her brain.

A helicopter from ABC affiliate station WSB-TV captured the tense effort to save Megan's life as dozens of rescue vehicles and firemen rushed to the scene.

"She was conscious, alert, able to talk," Carroll County Fire Chief Scott Blue said. "What we had to do was set up a rope system, rescue system. We sent a firefighter down."

(Picture Credit: WSB/ABC News)

Megan had fallen head-first down the well that was so narrow, the smallest firefighter on the scene had to be lowered into the well to make the rescue.

Firefighter Lt. Clay Kierbow said he found Megan face down with one leg bent to the left. The other was stuck beneath her.

"I finally managed to find a place to put my foot without stepping on her. Got down where we got a … web up under her arms," Kierbow said.

Kierbow talked to Megan, trying to keep her calm, until rescuers were finally able to haul her out of the well an hour and 10 minutes later.

"First time in a well," Kierbow said. "Hope it's the last."

Megan was airlifted to Atlanta Children's Hospital where she underwent five hours of surgery for her injuries. As of Monday night, Megan was listed in critical condition.

Megan had been jumping on the well's cover, which might have been weakened by the rain, her mother told ABC News.

Her little girl was very lucky, she said, adding that the family owes Lt. Kierbow dinner and many more thanks.

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