Kim Jong-un's Lonely Ski Lift Ride at Dream Resort
PHOTO: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un aboard a ski lift during his inspection tour at the Masik Pass ski resort, near Wonsan, North Korea, Dec. 31, 2013.

(Credit: Rodong Sinmun/EPA)

After pushing for his dream ski resort, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un finally rode the lift at Masik Pass Ski Resort, which only took one year to build from scratch. Sanctions didn't stop him from that ride. The lift, analysts say, is a 1970s model and has been ripped off from another resort after European lift sellers canceled North Korea's pre-order due to sanctions imposed on luxury goods.

Kim touts the ski resort is for the people, but the average wage in the country is less than $100 a month. Admission fee for Masik Pass is $50.

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