Allison Williams Talks Ditching Hollywood for Motherhood
PHOTO: Allison Williams wears an Assembly New York top, Zimmerman pants and Tila March heels

(Photo Credit: Matt Irwin/Glamour)

Allison Williams is well aware of the difference between being a working actor and a modern celebrity, whose every move is watched by the paparazzi.

The "Girls" star and daughter of longtime anchor Brian Williams prefers to see acting as just a job and not a lifestyle.

"If you go into acting for love of the craft, and you dodge the fame aspect, it's more sustainable," she told Glamour for its March issue, which hits newsstands Feb. 11.

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The level-headed 25-year-old would like to someday have a family and keep her children away from all the craziness that Hollywood often brings.

"My goal is to create a career I can walk away from and become a mom," she revealed. "I'd love to be a mom-and not have to bring my kids into my trailer. That's my long-term thinking. Or a balance [of both]."

(Photo Credit: Matt Irwin/Glamour)

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That philosophy sounds very similar to another powerful actress/mother in Hollywood - Tina Fey, someone Williams has worked with in the past on the set of Fey's 2008 film "Baby Mama."

"She's humble and efficient. That exact combination was everything to me," Williams said. "Tina knows everyone's name. It's funny, ['Girls' star and creator] Lena Dunham is the same way. It's hard to misbehave when your boss is so gracious."

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