White House State Dinner Behind the Scenes
PHOTO: U.S. President Barack Obama (L) and French President Francois Hollande laugh while addressing a State Arrival ceremony in Hollandes honor on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Feb. 11, 2014.

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters Photo

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are set to host a state dinner tonight in honor of French President Francois Hollande - just the seventh such event of the Obama presidency.

It will be a night filled with glamour, celebrity, power, the best food, fine wines and top-notch entertainment (but no dancing - Hollande is going stag). In case your invitation to the glitzy White House event got lost in the mail, here's what you're missing:

The Menu

According to the White House, the menu will reflect "the best of American cuisine." In keeping with that theme, the ingredients for each course will have a local flair: Caviar "farmed from the estuaries of Illinois"; a dozen varieties of potatoes, from New York, Idaho and California; dry-aged rib eye beef, "sourced from a family owned farm in Greeley, Colorado"; chocolate from Hawaii; tangerines from Florida; and blue cheese and maple syrup from Vermont.

White House Executive Chef Cris Comerford and White House Executive Pastry Chef William Yosses took over the White House's Instagram account on Monday offering up a preview of some of the dishes.

Bon appétit! Go #InsideTheWH State Dinner for France with WH Chefs Comerford &Yosses: http://t.co/pkT6EQGhfw, pic.twitter.com/XlpyAJL6q2

- The White House (@WhiteHouse) February 10, 2014

First Course American Osetra Caviar Fingerling Potato Velouté, Quail Eggs, Crisped Chive Potatoes

Second Course "The Winter Garden Salad" Petite Mixed Radish, Baby Carrots, Merlot Lettuce Red Wine Vinaigrette

According to the White House, "The Winter Garden Salad pays tribute to The First Lady's White House Kitchen Garden. Even when covered with snow, the winter vegetables … continue to thrive, and little hints of spring are already starting to sprout."

Main Course
Dry-aged Rib Eye Beef
Jasper Hill Farm Blue Cheese, Charred Shallots, Oyster
Mushrooms, Braised Chard

Hawaiian Chocolate-Malted Ganache
Vanilla Ice Cream and Tangerines

And the decadence doesn't stop there: "After dinner, guests can enjoy fudge made from Vermont maple syrup, lavender shortbread cookies, and cotton candy dusted with orange zest," according to the White House.