NFL will fine teams if players kneel on the field for national anthem
NFL will fine teams if players kneel on the field for national anthem
See How Bill Clinton Hand-Edited His Speeches
PHOTO: Former US President Bill Clinton speaks, Feb. 21, 2013 during the inauguration ceremony for the first phase of the Eko Atlantic real estate project, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Bill Clinton's presidential library has released another batch of thousands of pages of White House documents from his presidency, among them pages upon pages of speech drafts, some accompanied by handwritten notes from Clinton's speech-writing aides, and some adorned with Clinton's own handwriting (and labeled as such by his library).

On several of the drafts, someone has crossed out much of the text and handwritten new language next to it.

While the drafts below aren't labeled as containing Clinton's handwriting, Clinton biographer David Maraniss vouches that "Much of it looks like his, the upright or almost backward left-handed style. And it was definitely his style to cross out and write over so much of his speeches."

Many of the speech drafts touched by Clinton contain sporadic notes, but in these three instances below - his 1996 Democratic National Convention nomination-acceptance speech, his 1998 State of the Union address and a 1997 speech at the University of California at San Diego - the edits were heavy and frequent.

DNC Speech Handwritten Notes 1 by ABCPolitics

SOTU Handwritten Notes by ABCPolitics