5 Things to Know This Morning
PHOTO: Ethan, the 5-year-old boy held hostage in a nearly week-long standoff in Alabama is in good spirits and apparently unharmed.

Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy stories of the morning.

1. Boy Safe, Abductor Killed After Standoff

Officers stormed an underground bunker on Monday where a 5-year-old boy had been held hostage for nearly a week, rescuing the boy and killing his abductor. Authorities were able to insert a hi-tech camera into the bunker to monitor the kidnapper's movements.

2. Biggest Gas Price Jump Across US

Gas prices on the east and west coasts have risen in the past week. The weekly average price of a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.54, up 18 cents from a week ago.

3. Obama Takes Gun Push on the Road

President Obama took to the road Monday, confronting Republican opposition in Congress in Minnesota in a push for gun control legislation. The president is pushing a number of initiatives ahead of his State of the Union address including criminal background checks for gun sales and banning assault weapons.

4. Grisly Scene After Tour Bus Crash Kills 7

The California mountain highway where a tour bus crash left at least 7 people dead and dozens injured on Sunday night remains closed. The company that operated the tour bus was recently cited for vehicle maintenance issues, including several brake problems.

5. Bubble Wrap Saves Construction Worker's Life

A construction worker in Boston was saved when he landed on bubble wrap after falling 30 feet off of a building. The worker fell from the building, which is under construction with scaffolding covered in bubble wrap.

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