Jodi Arias' Phone Sex Played in Court

A raunchy 40-minute phone call between accused murderer Jodi Arias and her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander that was filled with references to rape, porn, and Alexander's crude fantasies showed the twisted relationship the pair had before Arias killed him.

Arias, 32, shrank on the stand, shrouding herself behind her hands and her thick hair as her voice on the recording could be heard moaning and her mother and sister listened from the front row of the court room gallery.

Arias giggled and cooed at Alexander as he described his sexual fantasies to her, showing less resistance to his sexual requests than she described to the jury during her testimony over the past week.

"I'm going to tie you to a tree and put it in your a**," Alexander can be heard saying.

"Oh my gosh, that is so debasing, I like it," Arias responded.

She later explained she didn't want to insult his fantasies, so said she liked them. Arias also said she complimented his stamina, penis, and sexual abilities because he "thrived on compliments."

"You're pretty, you're so attractive," Alexander said later. "I've never seen you look bad in my life. There are times when you've looked miserable and I've still, like, raped you."

The defense admitted the audio recording hoping to show that Alexander was a sexual "deviant," as they'd previously claimed, and that the image he projected to his friends of a devout Mormon virgin was deeply conflicted with the erotic sex life and fantasies he engaged in with Arias.

They hope to convince a jury that Alexander was so obsessed with sex, and abusive and controlling toward Arias, that she could have plausibly killed him out of self-defense during a sexual encounter-turned-bloody attack just weeks after the phone call, in June 2008.

She is accused of murder and could face the death penalty if convicted.

The defense also hopes the phone call demonstrates that there was no jealousy or animosity between Arias and Alexander over the fact that they were no longer dating and would likely marry other people, helping to dispel the prosecution's claim that Arias killed Alexander out of jealousy.

"I get the impression there aren't a lot of Mormon guys like (you). There are probably plenty of freaky Mormon girls, but are they the marrying type? Are the girls the type you'd want to marry, or the guys the type I'd like to marry, someone like you who can be freaky? I worry about that. There are plenty of guys out there, but I worry about not blossoming to my full potential in the sexual realm. I have plenty of blossoming left to do," she said.

But the tape also shows Arias' willingness to please Alexander, agreeing with all of his suggestions for their sex life.

The pair discussed a pornographic-type movie that Alexander would like to shoot with Arias, coming up with storylines and costumes they each could wear. He tells her he wants to take pictures of her as ejaculates on her, and Arias tells Alexander he is "so creative" for coming up with ideas for what he wanted to be a "legitimate porn."

Arias describes on the recording how she liked wearing pig-tails while the pair had sex in a bathtub, to which Alexander responded that the pigtails were "so hot."

Eventually, Arias orgasms, and Alexander tells her, "You sound like a 12 year old having an orgasm, that's so hot, like little girl."

"You're bad, you make me feel so dirty," Arias responded.

Jodi Arias Jury Hears Raunchy Phone Call

The phone call audio comes after three days of Arias testifying on the stand about Alexander's requests for oral and anal sex and his increasingly violent behavior toward her in the spring of 2008, leading up to the June killing.

In addition to the sexual content of the call, Arias and Alexander also talked, laughed, and sang songs together during the phone call in a comfortable, relaxed tone. They discussed banal topics including people they both knew, places they wanted to travel, and comic books and movies.

The prosecution has alleged that Alexander was trying to get Arias to leave him alone and no longer wanted to be in any kind of relationship with her.

The long, meandering conversations ends with the pair singing a variety of songs, including the National Anthem, together until Alexander falls asleep.

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