'I Want Him Dead'
PHOTO: James Holmes sits in the courtroom during his arraignment in Centennial, Colo. on March 12, 2013.

Friends of the Aurora, Colo., shooting victims applauded the prosecutor's decision this week to keep the death penalty on the table if James Holmes is convicted. In tech news, Facebook announced its long-whispered about new phone project. And what in the world is a vajacial? Click through to see the stories you may have missed this week.

'I Want Him Dead.'

Friends of Aurora, Colo., shooting victims applauded prosecutors' decision this week to seek the death penalty for James Holmes, with one friend saying he wanted to be in the room if Holmes is executed.

"I don't know if it's painful. I want him dead. I just want to be there in the room when he dies," Bryan Beard said outside the Colorado courthouse. "He took one of my friends from this Earth. Death equals death."

Beard's close friend Alex Sullivan was one of the 12 people killed in the shooting on July 20 last year. It was Sullivan's 27th birthday.

Prosecutors from the Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office said at a hearing Monday in Aurora that they will seek execution for Holmes if he is convicted.

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'We Are Building Something That Is Bigger Than an App.'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the social media giant has jumped into the mobile fray.

"Today, we are finally going to talk about that Facebook phone," Zuckerberg said Thursday. "And how you can turn your Android phone into a great social device."

The company unveiled its new Facebook-developed software, called "Facebook Home," based on Google's Android operating system, at a news event at the company's Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters.

"We are not building a phone. We are not building an operating system," Zuckerberg said. "We are building something that is bigger than an app."

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'We're Going to Hunt You Down.'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry vowed Thursday to hunt down and punish those responsible for killing two Dallas-area prosecutors, and doubled a reward to $200,000 for information that leads to a conviction.

There have been no arrests and few concrete leads in the shooting deaths of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, who were killed last weekend in their home, or in the death of the county's assistant district attorney Mark Hasse, gunned down in January.

He told the perpetrators of the killings that they were on "notice."

"We're going to hunt you down. We're going to punish you," Perry said. "We will not let this cower us. Texas is a law-and-order state and we will track down and punish those who have committed this crime."

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'There Was Not Much Swelling and Stuff Like That, So We Think She Was Living in That Vehicle.'

The family of a North Carolina grandmother whose body was found inside her wrecked car three days after it was towed said they believe she would still be alive if a state trooper had noticed her.

Carolyn Ann Watkins, 62, was found dead inside her 2000 Pontiac at a towing lot on Monday.

"There was not much swelling and stuff like that, so we think she was living in that vehicle," Patricia Parker, Watkins' daughter-in-law, told ABCNews.com.

State Trooper M.D. Williams found Watkins' car Friday morning in a ditch near Smithfield, a town 30 miles southeast of Raleigh.

"Note: No driver at the scene of this collision," Williams wrote in a copy of the accident report obtained by ABCNews.com.

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'There Was No Way I Could Sit by the Pool, Nothing. It Was Awful.'

It seems that all those Brazilian bikini waxes have taken a toll, and now it's time for the Vajacial.

Thank "Sex and the City" for the obsession with a hairless nether region, and California's Stript Wax Bar for bringing us the Vajacial -- an answer to the ingrown hairs and red bumps that some women experience after a bikini wax.

The Vajacial is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a facial for the vagina. Stript Wax Bar owner Katherine Goldman said demand for the service has increased 30 percent each year since she started offering it three years ago.

The Vajacial was a "lifesaver" for Christina from San Francisco when she was headed on a honeymoon trip with her husband. She said she'd heard about the Vajacial, and considered it "absurd" at first. But then she got her usual Brazilian wax and broke out in red bumps.

"It looked like I had an STD," she said. "There was no way I could sit by the pool, nothing. It was awful."

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'As Alleged, Sen. Malcolm Smith Tried to Bribe His Way to a Shot at Gracie Mansion.'

A top New York Democrat was busted this week for trying to buy his way to the Republican nomination for the upcoming New York City mayoral election, according to an indictment that also named a slew of co-conspirators.

State Sen. Malcolm Smith and City Councilman Dan Halloran were both arrested by federal officials after they were indicted on corruption and conspiracy charges.

Four other officials, including the heads of the Republican Party in the Bronx and Queens, were also charged.

Smith, a Democrat with more than a decade of experience in the state Senate, allegedly tried to bribe Republican officials with $75,000 to allow him to run as a Republican for mayor of New York City this fall.

Smith, 52, wanted to avoid the crowded field of Democratic candidates looking to replace Mayor Mike Bloomberg, and instead run on the Republican ticket. To do so, he would need consent from three of the city's five GOP county chairmen, so Smith arranged to bribe some of the chairmen with cash, according to the indictment.

"As alleged, Senator Malcolm Smith tried to bribe his way to a shot at (mayoral residence) Gracie Mansion. Smith drew up the game plan and Councilman Halloran essentially quarterbacked that drive by finding party chairmen who were wide open to receiving bribes," U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said.

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'It Was Just Really Nice, Simple.'

Dallas Wiens, the first U.S. man to receive a full face transplant, has married a woman whom he met in a burn victims support group.

Wiens, 27, married Jamie Nash, 29, in Forth Worth, Texas, on Saturday, March 30, with about 200 guests looking on.

Wiens suffered life-threatening burns to his head when the boom lift he was operating near a church drifted into a nearby power line in 2008.

The life-threatening accident and the 22 surgeries that followed left Wiens with a face void of features short of a lipless mouth and a small goatee.

In March 2011, a team of more than 30 doctors, nurses and anesthesiologists at Brigham and Woman's Hospital in Boston worked for more than 17 hours to give him a new face, complete with skin and the muscles and nerves needed to animate it.

The bride was badly burned on her arms and back in a 2010 car accident. The couple met in a burn victims support group, according to ABC News' Dallas-Forth Worth affiliate WFAA-TV.

The wedding took place at the same church where Wiens was burned.

"It was just really nice, simple," Ridglea Baptist Church Pastor Scott Cox told ABCNews.com of the ceremony he officiated.

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