Not Gwyneth: Your Picks for 'Most Beautiful Woman' of 2013
PHOTO: Gwyneth Paltrow arrives to the premiere of "Iron Man 3" at Le Grand Rex, April 11, 2013 in Paris, France.

On Wednesday, People magazine announced that Gwyneth Paltrow would be gracing the cover of its annual "Most Beautiful Woman" issue -- though some of you had other ideas. We listened: based on reader comments, here's who should've taken the crown.

Jennifer Lawrence

"Jennifer Lawrence puts [Paltrow] to shame," wrote BarryJ of the "Hunger Games" star, 22. El Chino agreed: "Jennifer Lawrence probably would have been a better pick. ... [She] has a way smoking body."

Halle Berry

The pregnant Oscar winner, 46, has been the "Most Beautiful" cover girl before, and many of you think she deserves it again. "I think Halle Berry is beautiful," wrote Diane. Bartman adds: "As long as Halle Berry is alive, GP will never be the Most Beautiful Woman."

Angelina Jolie

The mother of six, 37, appeared on the "Most Beautiful" cover seven years ago and, according to you, the People editors should think of featuring her again. "Are they blind?! Look at Angelina Jolie!" wrote Elaine. "The most beautiful face I have seen is Angelina Jolie," agreed Rainy.

Sofia Vergara

Tommy wrote that he thought People's choice was "boring," and argued that the "Modern Family" star, 40, would've been a more exciting choice: "Sofia Vergara should've grabbed this one!"

Kate Middleton

"Most beautiful -- Kate Middleton," declared GladtobnTexasnow. InTheKnow agreed that Prince William's expectant wife, 31, would have been the best cover choice.

Charlize Theron

"Charlize Theron would be my choice," wrote LorGrafik. Meanwhile, WoodButcher summed up the Oscar-winning actress, 37, with one word: "Yummy."

Kerry Washington

Sparrow hoped that next year, someone of a different race will take cover honors, and nominates the "Scandal" star, 36: "Show someone else for a change ... plenty of beauty to go around."

Michelle Pfeiffer

Reader Lynette enthusiastically endorsed Michelle Pfeiffer, 54, who actually has grabbed "Most Beautiful" honors twice. (The actress with the most covers? Julia Roberts, who has four.)

Robin Roberts

"I think the most beautiful person in the world is Robin Roberts," wrote Brenda of the 52-year-old "Good Morning America" anchor. "She is beautiful on the outside but has the most beautiful spirit and outlook on life. ... Thank you Robin Roberts for being the person you are."

Raquel Welch

Candygirl nominated Raquel Welch for "Most Beautiful Woman": "She has always looked perfect. To this day she's still beautiful at 72."

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