'Victoria's Secret' Model Adriana Lima Shares Diet Tips
PHOTO: Adriana Lima

She's one of the most recognizable models in the world, and Adriana Lima works hard to stay that way.

"It's important to watch what you eat -- protein, a little bit of carbs and vegetables," Lima, 32, told ABC News. "And I work out."

To get pumped up for her workouts, Lima sips Amazon Beverages for which she is a spokeswoman. The energy drink is a mix of coconut water and tea-based superfruits, which reminds her of the coconut water drinks that she enjoyed as a child in Brazil.

"I did know the particular fruits separately but I never had tried them together with coconut water," she said. "It's great!"

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Lima, who is heading to Paris this week to shoot a new "Victoria's Secret" ad, also eats cleanly. In the mornings, she enjoys an omelet or oatmeal, and the afternoons and evenings are full of dishes including grilled meats, grilled vegetables, rice and beans. But she'll splurge too.

"Sometimes I'll do a pancake [for breakfast]," she said with a laugh. "And I love chocolate and coconut cake. I'm crazy for coconut."

Lima also hits the gym as often as she can, and works with trainers in Miami and New York City. But her favorite mode of exercise is boxing.

"It's something that's always new," she said. "Also, I jump rope."

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She also chases around her two daughters, Valentina, 3, and Sienna, who will be one Sept. 12.

"Valentina is very energetic, extremely smart. She loves to be girly, she loves little dresses," she said. "Sienna is very little, but I think she's very calm -- very calm and she knows what she wants."

"They love each other," Lima continued. "I'm very lucky. I'm very lucky with my girls. Seeing them interacting and look at each other, it's very beautiful."

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