'Exorcism' of Elderly Woman Leads to Arrest
PHOTO: David Benes is being charged with battery of a person 65 year or older.

A Florida man has been arrested for forcibly carrying out what he called a two-day exorcism of his 80-year-old girlfriend, authorities said.

David Edward Benes, 54, told police in Holiday, Fla., that a fight broke out Monday night between him and his girlfriend of three years, who police declined to identify. Benes restrained the elderly woman and tried to "get the devil out of her," according to the police report.

The Pasco Sheriff's Office confirmed the report which stated the defendant "held her down against her will and would not let her leave the residence." Doug Tobin of the Sheriff's Office said the victim eventually fell sleep, and awoke the next day and the "exorcising" resumed.

The victim claimed in the report that Benes removed batteries from house phones, confiscated her car keys and dismantled the garage door to prevent her from escaping during the ordeal.

Police reported they found the distraught woman outside the house on Tuesday with bruises and scratches on her arms. Benes said he was "too drunk" to remember the incident and told deputies that his girlfriend struck him "because she is crazy," the report states. The officer noted that he saw no injuries on Benes.

Benes is facing charges of battery on a person 65 years or older, false imprisonment and tampering with a witness, who is also the victim. He is being held in Land O'Lakes jail on a $20,000 bond.

The Pasco County Clerk's Office said Benes has been appointed a public defender, Howard Williams, to represent him. Williams had no comment.

Previous arrest reports show that Benes has been held twice on domestic violence charges in violation of a domestic violence injunction, once in April 2013 and again in August this year.

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