See Miley Cyrus Twerk With a Monkey
PHOTO: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a self-described "pro-twerker" and has since been set on proving the point. She twerked with a foam finger at the VMA, has demonstrated her dance prowess in various music videos and Tuesday tweeted a photo of herself doing it with a monkey on her back. A very, very cute monkey.

This isn't the first time a celebrity has grown close to a monkey. Click through to see other celebs with primates for pals.

Justin Bieber

For awhile, Justin Bieber had a pet capuchin monkey named Mally, but their time together was short-lived. Mally was detained in Germany in April after the singer failed to provide necessary documents for him. He became the property of the country a month later after Bieber missed the deadline for the documentation. "We are going to make sure that Mally can grow up appropriately for its species," minister Peter Altmaier said. Mally now lives in Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, in northern Germany.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton had many pets, but perhaps the most famous was Baby Luv, her beloved kinkajou. In 2006, however, Baby Luv bit Hilton, and she went to the hospital for a tetanus shot. Still, "I don't view kinkajous as aggressive animals," her publicist at the time said. "The same kind of thing could have occurred with a German shepherd." Alas, it was the beginning of the end: Hilton reportedly gave up Baby Luv shortly thereafter.

Tony Stewart

Racecar driver Tony Stewart and a former girlfriend adopted a patas monkey named Mojo in 2004 and, for awhile, the two lived together in harmony. "I'm a 15-year-old trapped in a 34-year-old body," he explained in 2006. But a year or so later, Stewart began to notice a change in Mojo. The monkey was getting more aggressive, and so Stewart gave him to the Louisville Zoo in 2007. There is an oil painting of the two in smoking jackets that remains, however. It's incredible.

Ross Geller

The seventh "Friend"! In the '90s sitcom, David Schwimmer's character, Ross, adopted a capucin named Marcel (played by a monkey named Katie). Together they had many adventures (Marcel once ate Scrabble pieces that seemed to spell "monkey") but the primate soon left the gang to embark on a career in showbiz.

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