Girl Who Disappeared From Texas Middle School Found Safe
PHOTO: Adrienne Solorzano

A 12-year-old Garland, Texas, girl who went missing two days ago from her middle school, when she left class to go meet her father for a conference with a teacher, was found safe today, police said.

Police got a call that the girl, Adrienne Solorzano, might have been seen near a Mexican restaurant about a mile from the school this afternoon and went to investigate.

"Officers got there, located her, and then we brought her to the police station," Garland Police Department spokesman Officer Joe Harn told ABC affiliate WFAA-TV in Dallas.

The owner of El Langostino Azul restaurant told WFAA-TV he saw two men with the girl when she was picked up by police.

"She appears to be fine as far as her physical appearance and everything," Harn said. "The good and the positive thing is that she's here and she's safe now."

Detectives were talking to the girl this evening to try to learn what happened to her.

The girl's disappearance on Thursday was first considered as a case of a runaway, but detectives became suspicious there might have been more to it after starting to investigate, according to a police statement.

Adrienne's father went to her school, Brandenburg Middle School, to meet with one of Adrienne's teachers to talk about why her grade was slipping in that class, police said.

Adrienne was given a pass to leave her class, which was in a portable classroom, and to come meet with her father and the teacher.

Adrienne left class at approximately 11 a.m., but never showed up for the meeting, police said.

The girl's pass was found on the ground outside the portable classroom, but there were no surveillance cameras in place, so investigators didn't know what might have happened.

Earlier today, police said none of Adrienne's friends, family or neighbors had seen her since she left the classroom.

Family and friends said this was out of character for a girl who is said to be very quiet and polite, and who does well in school.

"What's being described to us is she's a very good student, quiet, goes home, studies a lot, has got just a few friends and they're all good students," Harn said.

Harn said Adrienne was not on social media, didn't have a cell phone or a boyfriend.

"This is totally out of character and that's what our detective's telling us," Harn said. "I can't pinpoint it, he says, there's just something not right about this missing girl."

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