Javelinas Running Hog Wild at Ariz. School
PHOTO: Javelina

An Arizona school is on lockdown after a pack of javelinas got onto the school's campus and ran wild.

St Theresa Catholic School in Phoenix was in lockdown while police and wildlife workers tried to apprehend the javelinas, a form of wild hog, that were seen running loose in the school, ABC News affiliate KNXV reported.

Footage later showed the crews loading up the apparently tranquilized animal, along with two others, and removing them from he campus, KNXV reported. A school spokesperson told KNXV that officers worked to get the animals corralled so they can be removed from the property.

A javelina is a collared peccary, which is a distant relative of wild pigs and possibly the hippopotamus family. Javelinas are found across the U.S. Southwest, and are also seen in Mexico and Central America. Typically they weigh from 30 to 55 pounds, and travel in packs in brush country.

St Theresa Catholic School is a kindergarten through 8th grade school located on the east side of Phoenix. No students were seen outside from KNXV's helicopter since the javelinas were spotted on campus.

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