Coffee Fix Better Than Morning Sex
PHOTO: coffee instead of sex

Hold the sugar, indeed: A new study released by Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts, which is looking to expand its guests' coffee choices, has revealed that coffee can be more desirable than morning sex.

According to the telephone poll, which surveyed 7,455 coffee drinkers from six different countries, including the United States, Dubai, China, France, Germany and India, 53 percent of those surveyed preferred waking up to a hot cuppa over fornication.

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Other time-consuming vices, such as booze and Facebook, also fell behind java on the list of priorities, with 78 percent of global coffee drinkers responding that they "would rather give up alcohol, social media or even sex with their spouse for a year" rather than forfeit their morning caffeine fix.

But when not forced to choose between social media surfing and coffee, a high number of respondents acknowledged that they often browse their feeds while enjoying their a.m. brew.

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"The global study found that a majority of respondents (64 percent) access social media while having coffee and traveling, all at the same time," stated the survey.

Sometimes one habit even bleeds into the other, with 53 percent of those surveyed stating that if they were going to post a beverage on their social media accounts while traveling, it would be coffee.

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In response to the overwhelming popularity of coffee among travelers surveyed, Le Meridien Hotels and Resorts recently introduced three new fall coffee beverages to its Latitude Bar menu at all properties: Onda al Cioccolato, Latte Macchiato and Marocchino Caldo.

All three are chocolate-infused concoctions. So if you're among those eschewing a morning makeout session, you can still start the day with something sweet.

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