Red Sox Broadcaster's Son Calls Murder Charges 'Ridiculous'
PHOTO: Jared Remy in court

In a jailhouse interview, the son of Boston Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend earlier this year, called the allegations against him "ridiculous" and said he still loves her.

Jared Remy, 34, is facing charges of murder and assault in connection with the death of Jennifer Martel on Aug. 15. In an interview with the Boston Herald published on Monday, Remy, who is scheduled to be arraigned in Superior Court on Tuesday, denied any involvement in Martel's death.

"No. That's ridiculous. How dumb would I have to be? I loved her, I still love her," Remy told a reporter in an interview on Sunday night when asked if he killed Martel. Remy, the paper reported, declined to elaborate on his claim of innocence.

Son of Red Sox Announcer Jerry Remy Charged With Murder. Read more here.

Remy pleaded not guilty to the charges against him in August, but was ordered held without bail. He is being held at the Middlesex County Jail in Cambridge, Mass.

Police received 911 calls on Aug. 15 and when they arrived at Martel's apartment they discovered there appeared to have been a struggle inside and outside, according to Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan.

Authorities said that a neighbor allegedly witnessed Remy stabbing Martel and tried to pull Remy off, but could not budge the heavily muscled suspect. Prosecutors said Remy swung the knife at the neighbor, but missed. Remy was covered in blood, officials said.

Remy and Martel have a 5-year-old daughter together, who Remy says is in state custody. He said that he has not tried to contact her.

"I just want her to be happy. I love her ... I want her to have everything in life she deserves," Remy told the Boston Herald.

Remy also revealed that he has refused to see his mother and famous father since his incarceration, though they have asked to see him. He has spoken with his father over the phone, he said.

"I'm just trying to get adjusted here," Remy said. "I'm sure they're not thrilled with me right now."

His father Jerry Remy played second base for the Red Sox from 1978-1984 and has been a fan favorite as a broadcaster for the team since 1988. After the killing, the elder Remy tweeted that he was at a loss for words about the situation and took a leave from his broadcasting duties.

Jared Remy has a troubled past. He admitted to beating up a former girlfriend in 2005. In 2009 he was fired from his security job at Fenway Park in a steroids scandal.

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