A Curved Phone and Other Wacky Samsung Products

Samsung is one of the world's largest electronics manufacturers -- it makes phones, tablets, refrigerators, TVs, washers, dryers, vaccums, you name it. But the South Korea-based company also has a knack for creating some fairly wacky tech products. The company's just-announced Galaxy Round -- the world's first curved smartphone -- is just one example among Samsung's most recent peculiar inventions.

1. Galaxy Round A curved phone. Why? Because, why not? OK, so that won't be Samsung's marketing phrase, but the Round, which only comes in "Luxury Brown," seems to be more of a concept than an actual product. Except it is a real product; the phone, which uses Samsung's flexible display technology, will go on sale this week in Korea for more than $1,000.

The phone itself doesn't flex, but the curved or smile shape makes it more comfortable to hold, Samsung says. It has thrown in some gimmicks that do take advantage of the fact that you can roll or rock the screen. If you rock the screen on the table, it will show you the battery life and time.

2. Galaxy Mega But the Round might not take the lead in Samsung's wacky phone race. That spot might be reserved for the 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega. About the size of a small pony, it's bigger than some sub sandwiches, it won't fit in most pockets and it's even hard to hold in your hands. And the Mega isn't a tablet -- it is sold as a phone at AT&T for $149 with a two-year contract.

3. S Pebble We will forgive you for not remembering the S Pebble. Introduced at CES 2012, the S Pebble was a MP3 player ... for the Galaxy S3 smartphone. Yes, it was a music remote for your phone. The little device would sync with the music from your phone so you wouldn't have to pick up your phone to listen to the music. Because, yes, sometimes your phone is too heavy or big to carry.

4. Galaxy S4 Zoom Smartphones are replacing point-and-shoot cameras, so why not smack a point-and-shoot camera right on top of a smartphone? That's really what Samsung did with the Galaxy S4 Zoom. On one side you have the Galaxy S4 smartphone and the other a 16-megapixel camera. It's an odd marriage in one gadget, but it does make sharing really awesome shots on Twitter and Instagram a breeze.

5. Samsung T900 Refrigerators need tablets too. The Samsung T900 is a fridge with a built-in 10-inch tablet. Wacky indeed, but it does have a built-in Evernote app so you can sync your shopping list with the other 10-inch tablet you own or with the massive Galaxy Mega sitting in the child seat in your shopping cart.

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