Jessica Simpson Gives New Details About Her Kids' Milestones
PHOTO: Jessica Simpson arrives at Los Angeles International Airport, with boyfriend Eric Johnson and daughter Maxwell in tow, May 5, 2013 in Los Angeles.

Jessica Simpson has given birth to two children in less than two years, and naturally, she's changed a lot in the process.

"Life has definitely become a lot more rich and exciting and every day is definitely a new adventure," she told ABC News exclusively. "You start to look at yourself and look at your life and make sure that you've got your priorities straight and your family values intact."

But Simpson, 33, also acknowledged that her kids, Maxwell Drew, who was born in May 2012, and Ace Knute, who came along a little more than a year later, are changing too.

"[My son] did hold a football today for the first time and [my fiance, former NFL player] Eric [Johnson] was pretty proud because his fingers were perfectly gripped on the laces," she said. "So if Ace is like that, we're good."

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Though the Weight Watchers spokeswoman said that Maxwell "has been extremely good with having a little brother," she added that it has been tough for her to share her dad.

"She's very much a daddy's girl, so if Eric is holding him a lot, she'll let him know that she's not very happy about it," she said. "[But] she's a caretaker. She tells everybody to be quiet when Ace is sleeping and she goes and gives him his bottle or hands him his burp cloth because he likes to spit up."

Simpson, who said that she uses Weight Watchers's digital magazine, MomFeeds for recipes and tips to share with her family, is also noticing stark personality differences between her little ones.

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"Maxwell is a little bit more feisty and she has a spunk to her. She definitely will be able to speak her mind and boss Ace around a little bit," she said. "I think Ace is gonna be extremely affectionate and a little bit more emotional and needy than Maxwell – Maxwell's a little bit more independent."

To encourage individuality, Simpson said that she and Johnson also make sure to spend time with their each of their kids alone. They also make time for each other, and as part of her Weight Watchers weight loss plan, Simpson often takes Johnson on long walks with her.

"Hormonally it helps with any sort of anxiety or if I get overwhelmed with two kids, it helps to just go out and take a long walk," she said. "I really do think as a mom we can get really caught up and not take time for ourselves, and this is a way for me to take time for myself and it definitely makes me a happier mom."

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