Is Justin Bieber's Graffiti a Crime?
PHOTO: Justin Bieber performs in Shanghai, China, Oct. 5, 2013.

He claims he doesn't do it illegally, but Justin Bieber has a new hobby: graffiti. And Brazilian police apparently want to talk to him about some of his work on a wall of a former hotel, according to The Assocated Press.

The "Boyfriend" singer, 19, who said today that he gets approval from every place he marks up, started posting pictures to his Instagram account about a week back and added some new pics earlier today. They show an eclectic display of his most recent works of art.

Banksy better watch out with Bieber's newest works including a monkey wearing a crown, a couple of other smiling creatures and something with horns. Bieber's tag is "Beliebers," which he signed above the monkey, who also has a gold nose and ear piercings.

Click through to see the singer's masterpieces and his musings on particular works.

'I Still Suck but I Have Fun'

"Every place I have tagged has been approved I do not suggest tagging private property.. I still suck but i have fun doing it ;)" - Justin Bieber.


"This is my escape" - Justin Bieber.


"Everyone loves penguins" - Justin Bieber.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

"Who's gon stop me haaannn" - Justin Bieber.

His Classics: "Rip PAC"

He posted this about a week ago with the caption, "Rip PAC." Looks like he turned the rapper into Kermit the Frog.

'Street Art'

It's not all about monkeys and frogs, sometimes just writing "Street art" works.

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