Shapeshifting Giant Selfies at Sochi
PHOTO: The Megafon Pavillion at Sochi will feature a moveable wall that morphs into peoples faces.

Your face could be the one of the first things visitors to the Olympic Park in Sochi see, if only for a few seconds. The Russian telecommunications company Megafon commissioned designer Asif Khan to create its Olympic pavilion. The end result is building with a 26-foot-tall wall that can change its shape to mimic the human face.

"It's a way for everyone to participate in the Olympics, so that kids and grandmas are at the same level as the athletes," Khan told ABC News. "It's a bit like Mount Rushmore, but a living sculpture."

The wall consists of 10,000 "pixels" covered by a spandex-like fabric. The pixels can change their height, resulting in an image that looks similar to Pinscreen toys that you pressed your hand or face into just to see what it looked like. The pixels can also change color, Khan said.

In addition to the wall, Megafon also created specialty photo booths designed for the occasion. "Instead of one camera, there are five," said Khan. "The flash goes off and it records the front and sides of your face."

Instead of a self-portrait, the visitor gets a card with a QR code. Scanning the card tells the visitor what time his or her portrait will appear on the wall, about 20 minutes after the photo was snapped. Khan has even designated a prime picture taking spot near the Megafon Pavilion, so that visitors can take "the most epic selfie ever."

If you can't make the Olympic Games, there is still a chance to get your face on the wall. "There will be 3-D scanning booths at Megafon stores," said Khan. "You'll get emailed the video of when your face appears. It's almost like you have a telepresence at the games."

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