Most Awesome Philip Seymour Hoffman Roles
PHOTO: Philip Seymour Hoffman is shown in a still from Charlie Wilson’s War.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was a critically acclaimed actor who thrived in numerous supporting roles through his career before making a name for himself as a leading man. Hoffman was found dead earlier today at the age of 46.

Here are a few of Hoffman's most notable roles.

The Master -- 2012

Hoffman was nominated for his last Oscar in a supporting role for playing Lancaster Dodd, the creator of a religion called "The Cause." Dodd accepts a struggling World War II veteran, played by Joaquin Phoenix, into the religion. Critics and moviegoers quickly compared the character Hoffman played to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

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Hoffman told Peter Travers that he was never trying to emulate Hubbard and instead, he based some of the character on Orson Welles.

"The Master" also marks the fifth film Hoffman worked with director Paul Thomas Anderson.

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Doubt -- 2008

Hoffman played a charismatic priest Father Flynn who is full of joy and very playful with the students at a Catholic school during the 1960s.

Hoffman plays opposite Meryl Streep, who plays a strict nun (Sister Aloysius) who rules the school with an iron fist. Sister Aloysius begins a personal crusade to drive the popular priest from the school and community.

Throughout the film, Hoffman and Streep's character battle over school politics before she suspects him of abusing the school's first black student.

Hoffman was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe for his role.

Charlie Wilson's War -- 2007

Hoffman played foul-mouthed CIA agent Gust Avrakotos opposite Tom Hanks as Rep. Charlie Wilson. The political biopic focused on Wilson's covert aid to rebels in Afghanistan fighting against the Soviet Union, and the long-reaching impact of Wilson's efforts. Hoffman was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actor in 2008.

Mission: Impossible III -- 2006

Hoffman squared up against Tom Cruise as the villain in the third installment of the popular franchise. Hoffman played Owen Davian, the most infamous black market dealer in the world.

"Mission: Impossible III" was Hoffman's first foray into a mainstream action film. The film went on to gross more than $390 million, which was a career-best for the actor until 2013's "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire."

Capote -- 2005

A reconstruction of the time when American journalist and author Truman Capote researched and wrote his most enduring novel, "In Cold Bold," the film follows Capote, played by Hoffman, as he reports on the murder of a Kansas family while also developing a close relationship with Perry Smith, one of the killers.

Among Hoffman's strong body of work, the role was hailed as one of his finest performances. He took home the Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal in 2006.

Along Came Polly -- 2004

Dramas may have been Hoffman's wheelhouse, but his role as the sloppy but lovable Sandy Lyle in "Along Came Polly" was a hit with audiences. Lyle is a former child star who plays Ben Stiller's "wingman" as he begins a wild relationship with Jennifer Aniston.

The Talented Mr. Ripley -- 1999

In the crime thriller "The Talented Mr. Ripley," Hoffman portrays the preppy and hedonistic Freddie Miles. Matt Damon portrays Tom Ripley, a charismatic, sociopathic murderer with a knack for taking on the identity of others.

In one unforgettable scene, Miles confronts the duplicitous Mr. Ripley about his secret double life at his extravagant apartment in Rome.

Magnolia -- 1999

"Magnolia" follows a mosaic of characters during one day in Los Angeles and explores the possibility of coincidence and chance in the characters' interlocking stories.

As nurse Phil Parma, Hoffman cares for an ailing former television producer and helps track down his estranged and egocentric son, played by Tom Cruise.

Flawless -- 1999

Hoffman donned women's clothing and a wig as he went drag opposite Robert De Niro.

Hoffman begins an odd friendship with De Niro, who plays a tough guy cop who suffers a stroke and becomes paralyzed on the right side of his body. Despite disagreeing with Hoffman's lifestyle, De Niro asks Hoffman for singing lessons to overcome his disability.

Boogie Nights -- 1997

Hoffman shines in his breakthrough role as a gay and timid boom mike operator in Paul Thomas Anderson's take on the porn industry during the 1970s. Hoffman's character Scotty J wears tight clothes over his large frame and is in love with Dirk Diggler, played by Mark Wahlberg.

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