Meet Olympians and Their Celeb Doppelgangers
PHOTO: Tessa Vitue and Katy Perry.

By now, you already have a few favorite Olympians, and maybe you're even keeping track of a few on Twitter. But did you ever realize that many of them look eerily similar to some of the biggest TV and movie stars today? Take Canadian figure skater Tessa Virtue for example: Doesn't she look like she could be related to Katy Perry? And wait until you see these other athletes and their celeb doppelgängers.

Charlie White and Evan Peters

Charlie White may count Meryl Davis as his skating partner, but Evan Peters, who recently got engaged to Emma Roberts, could easily be his brother.

Sarah Hendrickson and Rooney Mara

U.S. Ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson could pass for "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" star, or even actress Autumn Reeser.

Alexandra Paul and Anna SophiaRobb

Canadian ice skater Alexandra Paul looks oddly like "The Carrie Diaries" star, if, of course, AnnaSophia Robb had brunette hair.

Ashley Wagner and Amber Heard

U.S. skater Ashley Wagner became one of the first memes of the Sochi Olympic games, after she made a shocked face, though her doppelganger, actress Amber Heard, looked much more demure recently, in light of the news that she was engaged to Johnny Depp.

Lolo Jones and Rashida Jones

The track star, who's now a member of the U.S. bobsled team, knows how much she looks like actress Rashida Jones. "In L.A. shooting a commercial. Rashida Jones was clearly not available, so once again, I reap the benefit #lookalike," she wrote on Facebook on March 29, 2013.

Jason Brown and a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Skater Jason Brown qualified for the U.S. Olympic team just weeks after he turned 19, but he looks shockingly like another person who shot to fame as a teen: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

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