Teen Stands by Fake Bomb Vest Prom Proposal
The teen who wore a fake bomb vest for a prom proposal stands by his actions.
Military Dog Saves Soldier in Afghanistan -- and He Stands by Her
Layka isn’t just U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Julian McDonald’s canine companion.
What Happened After DC Man in Wheelchair Fell on Metro Tracks
See what onlookers did after the man fell onto the tracks.
Family, Friends in Baltimore Mourn Death of Arrested Man
Family, friends in Baltimore mourn death of arrested man a day after dozens are arrested
Professor 'Mortified' After Sending Porn Link to Students
Law school professor says she was 'mortified' after sending porn link, but criticizes coverage
The Latest: Photographer Says Police Beat Him During Protest
The Latest: Photographer says police beat him during protest; another photographer detained
As Nuclear Powers Meet, NYC Rally Demands End to Weapons
As nuclear powers prepare to meet, NYC rally offers 8 million petitions against bombs
Photographer Says Baltimore Police Beat Him During Protest
Photographer says Baltimore police beat him during protest; another photographer detained
Arizona Man Arrested for 3 Slayings in 15-Year-Old Cold Case
Tucson, Arizona, man charged with ex-wife's 2000 slaying, 2 other subsequent killings
Centenary of 1.5 Million Armenian Deaths Marked in NYC
Centenary of 1.5 million Armenian deaths marked in NYC; protest demands US label it 'genocide'
Corinthian Colleges to Shut Down All 28 Remaining Campuses
Corinthian Colleges to shut down all 28 remaining campuses after Education Department fine
New Mexico Lobbying to Be Storage Site for Nuclear Waste
Governor pushing southeastern New Mexico site for storing spent, high-level nuclear fuel
Police Suspect 4 Kids Locked in Basement Overnight
Police: 4 kids removed from basement of Philadelphia home; may have been locked in on purpose
Israel Says Airstrike on Syrian Border Targeted Militants
Israel says it launches airstrike on its border with Syria after seeing militants with a bomb
Mustafa Akinci Elected Leader of Breakaway Turkish Cypriots
Moderate Mustafa Akinci elected leader of breakaway Turkish Cypriots ahead of peace talks
See Photos Capturing Aftermath of Mt. Everest Avalanche
The leader of 6 Summits Challenge said the team is okay.
Officials Say Heavy Rains Kill 37 in Northwest Pakistan
Officials say heavy rains in northwestern Pakistan kill 37 people as buildings collapse
Putin Accuses US of Supporting Separatists in Russia
Putin, in a new documentary, accuses US of supporting separatists in Russia's North Caucasus
Israel Says It Launches Airstrike on Its Border With Syria After Seeing Militants With a Bomb
Israel says it launches airstrike on its border with Syria after seeing militants with a bomb
Official: Palestinian Operatives Helped Free Syria Hostages
Palestinian intelligence official says his operatives helped free Swedish hostages in Syria
Greenpeace Spots 3-Mile Oil Slick off Spain's Canary Islands
Greenpeace spots 3-mile oil slick off tourist resort Canary Islands, urges Spain to clean up
No Time to Lose: Global Response to Nepal Quake Gears Up
No time to lose: Global response to Nepal earthquake gears up as airport, overland routes open
Nigeria Recalls Diplomats From South Africa Over Attacks
Nigeria recalls senior diplomats from South Africa over attacks on immigrants
This Week 04/26/15: The Supreme Court To Hear Same-Sex Marriage Arguments
Guests: Peter Schweizer, Donna Brazile, Newt Gingrich, Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, Chad Griffin, Ryan Anderson
WN 04/25/15: Nepal Struck by Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake
Baltimore Protesters Call for Justice for Freddie Gray; Scientists Investigate the World's Most Unpredictable Volcano
Nightline 04/24/15: Bruce Jenner, In His Own Words
Bruce Jenner Shares New Reality With Family; Bruce Jenner Interview Fuels Explosive Social Media Reaction
Bruce Jenner - The Interview
Bruce Jenner shares an exclusive and wide-ranging conversation with Diane Sawyer.
GMA 04/24/15: 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Cast Takes Over Times Square
Warren Weinstein's Family: US Government Was 'Inconsistent, Disappointing'; Bruce Jenner: '2015 Is Going to Be Quite a Ride'