Pilot found dead after crash had flown planes his whole life
A pilot found dead after a small-plane crash in Vermont has been identified as an 89-year-old Massachusetts man who had been...
Shoppers mobilize on Thanksgiving, as retailers branch out
Retailers kick off holiday shopping season with an eye toward wooing shoppers away from rivals
Dreamers stage protest during Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Four protesters sat in the street to call for action on the DREAM Act.
Corrections officer severely hurt in Kansas City jail attack
A jail inmate in Kansas City, Missouri, has been charged with first-degree assault and armed criminal action after...
Man freed decades after double killing that rocked LA suburb
A California man authorities say was wrongly convicted of double murder walked out of prison hours before Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving feasts in Texas cater to refugees, the homeless
Iranian native Samira Page invited about 400 fellow refugees to a feast this Thanksgiving, a tradition that started seven...
Loose pigs wander near interstate in Florida following crash
Thanksgiving morning drivers are being warned to watch out for the possibility of escaped pigs on a busy Florida interstate...
Police: Officer killed man in robbery at gas station store
Police say a man has been fatally shot in a shooting at a service station in Alabama
Inmate taken for hospital treatment recaptured next day
Sheriff's deputies in Ohio captured a corrections center inmate they say escaped custody after being transported for hospital...
Police documents detail grisly gang slaying in Maryland
Police and court documents describe a slaying in which MS-13 gang members stabbed a man more than 100 times, cut his head off...
Nepal hopes first state elections will give people a voice
Eleven years after Nepal began moving toward democracy, its people finally get a say in running local regions, giving voice...
Zimbabwe asks if new leader, a Mugabe ally, can bring change
Zimbabwe asks if new leader, a Mugabe ally, can bring change; 'He has a long past'
Sound heard in Argentine sub search was likely 'explosion'
Argentina's navy says that a sound detected during the search for a missing submarine is consistent with that of an explosion...
Italian anti-mafia prosecutor says mafias now cooperating
Italy's new national anti-mafia and anti-terrorism prosecutor says that Italian organized crime gangs "now move together" to...
'Macron effect' fuels Paris bid for post-Brexit business
U.S. businesses are more eager to invest and hire in France than they have been in years _ but want to see more progress...
German gets suspended sentence for attack on refugee shelter
A court has handed a 21-year-old German man a two-year suspended sentence and 200 hours of community service for an arson...
El Salvador arrests ringleader in black widow killing scheme
El Salvador arrests alleged ringleader in "black widow" killing scheme
Honduras president seeks 2nd term despite constitutional ban
Honduras faces strange election; president seeks 2nd term despite constitutional ban
Zimbabwe's political drama: What just happened? A timeline
Zimbabwe's political drama: What just happened? A timeline of events
The Latest: 'Explosion" raises fears for Argentine sub
Argentina says a sound detected in the search for a missing submarine with 44 crew members aboard is consistent with a...
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