'My Standards Are Not Too High'
Part 1: Sherri Shepherd and Jimi Izrael battle it out over standards and wigs.
'Black Folks Aren't Communicating'
Part 2: Hill Harper argues that misinformation is destroying the black families.
'Ladies, Stop Choosing Bums'
Part 3: Izrael says that women need to set some standards when picking a mate.
'Who's Been Cheated On?'
Part 4: The topic of fidelity brings out personal testimonies by the panelists.
'Real Men' Aren't Intimidated by Women
Part 5: Steve Harvey argues that men aren't ever intimidated by female success.
The Third Rail: Dating Other Races
Part 6: Both sides offer different views on interracial encounters.
Hill Confronts Sherri About Their 'History'
Part 7: A past encounter between two panelists brings the audience to their feet
Closing Arguments
Part 8: Panelists share their final thoughts as the audience prepares questions.
'To the Left, To the Left!'
Part 9: Audience questions and comments push the panel to their breaking points.
'Love Will Never Go Out of Style'
Part 10: Steve Harvey offers final thoughts as the Face-off comes to a close.
Sherri Shepherd: 'I Might Get Loud!'
Comedian hopes to make fellow "View' co-hosts proud by maintaining composure.
Jimi Izrael: Some Women Are 'Delusional'
"Denzel Principle" author says he knows why some black women can't find a man.
Hill Harper: 'It's Gonna Be Pretty Lively'
"CSI" star revs up the crowd before the "Face-Off" debate begins.
Jacque Reid: 'I Love Black Love'
VH1 star talks hope, love and bad boys backstage with panelist Sherri Shepherd.
Deepak Chopra: It's Time to 'Upgrade Science'
Opening statements begin as Chopra defends theology's relationship with science.
The 'Scheme' of Religion
Sam Harris and Deepak Chopra go head to head on the use of science in religion.
Deepak Resents Credentials Questions
Deepak Chopra objects when Sam Harris questions his scientific credentials.
Stop Using 'Fuzzy Words'
Michael Shermer clashes with Jean Houston and Chopra on new age rhetoric.
'The Story is Changing'
Discussion on God needs to happen during this "critical moment" in human history
Science Can Explain Life
Michael Shermer continues his push that science can explain human experiences.
Sam Harris to Deepak Chopra: Don't Pretend
Harris asks Chopra to show more humility in what he may not understand.
'Spirituality Is Not Going Away'
Jean Houston and Deepak Chopra make one last push for their view points.
Scientist Takes on Deepak's Science
A theoretical physicist questions Deepak Chopra's methods.
Deepak Chopra's Teachings Helped Heal Me
Audience member claims Chopra's teaching helped calm his four year ailment.
'How Do We Distinguish What Is True?'
Audience heats up the debate with pointed questions for the panelists.
Panelists Gracious at Debate's End
Closing arguments and final statements bring Face-Off to a close.
'It's Not Okay to be Fat'
Part 1: "Face-Off" kicks off with sharp words from panelist MeMe Roth.
Crystal Renn: 'Think Health, Not Fat'
Part 2: Popular plus-size model shares her stance on health, weight.
Discrimination Against the Healthy?
Part 3: Anti-obesity leader says healthy people subsidize the obese.
Can You Be Overweight and Healthy?
Part 4: Panelists spar over whether a person can be fat and healthy.
Gilbert Goes After MeMe's Org
Part 5: "Fat Acceptance" leader says MeMe Roth stigmatizes fat people.
'Dieting Doesn't Get You to That Size'
Part 6: Kim Benson refutes Kirby's surprising claim about her weight.
Fact Check with Dr. Besser
Part 7: Dr. Richard Besser and the audience weigh in on debate, ask questions.
Roth is a 'Little Fat-phobic'
Part 8: Crystal Renn challenges MeMe Roth's calorie claims.
'It's About Health!'
Part 9: Kim Benson takes on Kirby's claims regarding health versus looks.
Is It OK to Be Fat?
Part 10: Panelists search for common ground in their closing arguments.
Marianne Kirby: 'It's My Body'
"Fat Acceptance" leader details her strategies prior to debate on fat.
Kim Bensen: 'I've Lost Over 200 Pounds'
'Finally Thin' author chats backstage prior to the debate.
MeMe Roth: America's Obesity 'Burden'
Anti-obesity president works out prior to the Nightline Face-off on weight.
Crystal Renn: 'I Really Lived It'
America's top plus size model gears up for the great weight debate.
Meet the 'Face-Off' Panel
Cynthia McFadden introduces the diverse panel to kick off the debate.
Part 2: Porn and Adultery, 'I Lived It'
In opening arguments, panelists frame debate with personal stories.
Part 3: 'Lust Is Adultery'
Panelists square off on whether lust is a natural desire or form of adultery.
Part 4: 'We're Coming From Different Places'
Jenny Block argues that she has a good relationship with God.
Part 5: 'Infidelity Can Save Your Marriage'
Noel Biderman says walking away from marriage is the selfish act.
Part 6: Evangelicals 'Have More Orgasms'
Pastor Ed Young says committed sex in marriage is ordained by God.
Part 7: Divorce, and Defining Adultery
Panelists have different ideas over when divorce should take place.
Part 8: America is 'About to Crumble'
Rhetoric heats up as audience members throw themselves into debate.
Part 9: 'Whatever Makes You Sleep?'
Biderman's website comes under fire from a concerned congregant.
Part 10: Conclusion: 'I Went Through It'
Before closing statements, a boy and his father deliver a rousing testimony.