McCain's Home State Leaning GOP This Time

Arizona Voted for Both Bushes, but Went to Clinton in 1996

As former Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore proved in 2000, the way to the White House is paved partially through your home state. In that year's election, Gore lost his home state of Tennessee, which would have given him the title of commander-in-chief.

(ABC News Photo Illustration)

John McCain isn't planning to repeat the former vice president's mistake. He's practically got Arizona's 10 electors locked up, as the state leans toward red.

McCain racked up an easy win against his Republican primary rivals in February. McCain has been a staple of Arizona politics since he was elected to Congress in 1982. Four years later he was elected to his Senate seat.

The other senator vying for a place on Pennsylvania Avenue, Barack Obama, hasn't fared as well in this region: Hillary Clinton beat him during the Democratic primary.

But don't count Obama totally out. While Arizona voted consistently for the Bushes, Bill Clinton was able to grab the state in 1996.

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