New York

Clinton's New York to Remain True Blue for Democrats

Sen. Hillary Clinton's supporters might be singing the blues but they can still be counted on to vote Democratic come November. New York's 31 electoral votes should be a safe bet for Sen. Barack Obama, despite his 17-point loss there to New York Sen. Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary.

Still, Obama's margin of victory over Sen. John McCain in New York could be a good, early indicator on election day of how willing Clinton supporters are to forgive and forget and align behind the Democratic nominee.

McCain has little chance of making significant in-roads within this reliably Democratic knot of voters, though his victory in the state during the Republican primaries was strong. In 1984, Ronald Reagan was the last Republican presidential candidate to win New York.

ABC News heads to New York on Sept. 16, 2008. Check back then to see what voters there are saying!

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