Clinton-Trump Race Narrows on Doorstep of Debates (POLL)
The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has narrowed.
New African-American Museum Tells 'Essential Part' of American Story, President Obama Says
He spoke at the opening of the Museum of African American History and Culture.
Trump Suffers Another Bout of Russian Amnesia
Candidate's campaign: Man once named foreign policy advisor now has "no role."
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West Wing Cast Members Campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Ohio
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Clinton Calls on Charlotte Police to Release Shooting Video
The presidential candidate weighed in today.
Boris Johnson Sees a ‘False Analogy’ Between Brexit and US Politics
Brexit vote was about democracy, Johnson told George Stephanopoulos.
Obama Reflects on Police Shootings at Museum Reception
"If we join hands and we do things right ... progress will be made."
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President Obama Vetoes 9/11 Victims Bill
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Obama Reflects on Police-Involved Shootings
Speaking at a reception at the White House ahead of the opening of the African-American Museum of History and Culture,...
President Obama Celebrates New African-American History Museum
President Barack Obama called the opening of a new museum celebrating the history and culture of African-Americans a mark of...
Outside Events Crash In and a Face-off Looms
ABC's Rick Klein with the latest in politics this week.
NC Congressman Says Charlotte Protesters 'Hate White People'
U.S. Rep. Robert Pittenger made his comments on "BBC Newsnight."
Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Shares Responsibility for Charlotte Unrest
Addressing supporters in suburban Philadelphia, Donald Trump laid blame for this week's unrest in Charlotte on Democratic...
Secret Service Investigates Alleged Hack Linked to First Lady's Passport
The hacking group DC Leaks posted on its Twitter account this morning what appears to be a scanned copy of the first lady's...
Atlantic City Beachgoers Talk About Trump's Legacy as a Casino Owner
Donald Trump opened several major casinos in Atlantic City in the 1980's, but subsequently sold his stake in these project. ...
Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal Now Under Federal Investigation
The U.S. Attorney's Office in Manhattan is looking into allegations that Weiner was sexting with a minor.
Trump: Drugs a 'Very, Very Big Factor' in Charlotte Protests
The police-involved shooting of a black man has sparked protests in Charlotte.
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