5 Stories You'll Care About in Politics This Week
The 5 stories in politics to watch this week.
Huckabee Expects Civil Disobedience in Response to Gay Marriage Ruling
The former Arkansas governor appeared on ABC's "This Week."
Huckabee Compliments President's Singing Voice, Criticizes Parts of Eulogy
“He has a wonderful voice. So post-presidential."
How Obama Will Welcome a President He Spied On
Dilma Rousseff shouldn't expect an apology with U.S. efforts to "move forward."
Hack Forces OPM to Shutdown System For Background Checks
The fallout from the massive breach continues.
Bulletin Warns of Heightened July 4th Threat of ISIS Attack
The FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a joint alert.
The Note: What The GOP Is Saying About SCOTUS
Bernie Sanders Predicts He'll Win White House
The senator discusses presidential aspirations on ABC's "This Week"
'This Week' Transcript: Former Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Bernie Sanders
The two presidential candidates are interviewed on "This Week."
Trump Pushes Forward in Iowa Despite Republican Party Concern
Despite comments, the party won't ban candidate from primary debate.
Everything You Need to Know About Hillary Clinton
An in-depth look at the former Secretary of State.
Everything You Need To Know About Rand Paul
And a few things you probably didn't know about him too.
5 Times Obama Ditched His Shoes Overseas
He visits a lot of historic sites, which often necessitates footwear removal.
12 Fun Things You Didn't Know About Past Presidents
The first president to bathe in running water and other facts.
Six Top Democrats Who Aren't So Ready For Hillary
Some major Democrats stay distant from Clinton's presidential prospects.
Iran Hostage Crisis Survivor Protests Obama Nuclear Deal
Former hostage Rodney Sickmann recounts alleged "torture" during 444 days in captivity and demands an Iranian apology.
President Obama Takes a Field Trip With Brazilian President
Obama gave President Dilma Rousseff a tour of the MLK Memorial.
NBC to Donald Trump: 'You're Fired!'
NBC severs ties with Donald Trump after the presidential candidate made controversial comments about immigration.
Obama Signs Fast-Track Trade Bill
After much arm-twisting and cajoling of his own party, President Obama signed legislation giving him sweeping authority to...
More Big Rulings for the Supreme Court
The Supreme Court handed down major decisions on cases involving lethal injection, congressional redistricting, and the EPA's...
President Obama's Emotional Call to Jim Obergefell After Marriage Ruling
The president called lead plaintiff in Supreme Court case that established right to same-sex marriage.
Watch Interns Make A Run For It At The Supreme Court
The Supreme Court's annual running of the interns features summer news interns strapping on sneakers and handing off opinions...
What It Was Like To Be With the Man At The Center Of A Major Supreme Court Case On Decision Day
Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff challenging same-sex marriage bans met with supporters and headed to the U.S. Supreme...
Reaction to Supreme Court Ruling on Obamacare
For the second time in three years, the Supreme Court strikes down a challenge to Obamacare. While the President and...
Obama Orders Transgender, Undocumented Heckler Removed From White House
The president ordered the heckler's removal after she refused to stop interrupting him during an LGBT pride reception.
Michelle Obama Visits Japan
As she enters her 50s, a look at the first lady's life and times.