Jeremiah Brent offers 5 tips for decorating a small space

Jeremiah Brent offers his top 5 tips for making over a small space

January 17, 2018, 4:48 PM

— -- Jeremiah Brent has a bit of advice for amateur decorators looking to make over a small space -- just make it your own!

"Your space, when done correctly, is the purest extension of yourself!" Brent, of TLC's "Nate & Jeremiah by Design," said.

That's the advice Brent gave when he joined "The View" to help Meghan McCain and Joy Behar give each other's dressing rooms a big makeover.

"Your home showcases your past, your present, and leaves enough room for your future," Brent said. "It's art that you live in!"

Brent shared his top 5 tips and tricks for achieving that art in a small space:

Go vertical with your storage

Move your storage off the floors and organize your things on your walls. Bookcases, shelves and other vertical storage can move your stuff off the floor and make your room seem bigger. Closets with swinging doors can create a lot of unusable space. You may want to take off the door and use the wall for more storage!

Play with proportions

Brent takes on the myth that plenty of furniture won't work in a small space —- it isn't true! All you need to do is play with proportions and scale. You may not be able to fit your dream coffee table into your space, but you may have better luck with a smaller nesting or folding table.

Don't be afraid of seating

The same rule applies —- in a small space, you can make seating work if you think proportionally! Don't try to fit a big couch in your space —- it may make more sense to use a chic folding chair or a smaller shared love seat.

Think of moments

What kinds of memories do you want to make in your space? Do you see yourself in a particular chair reading a book, or at a certain desk doing the crosswords? Pick and choose the pieces you incorporate by prioritizing ones that are essential to the moment you envisioned.

Go modern

If you want to go modern or minimalist, try a monochromatic scheme. Play with tone and textures to create an evolved, layered and curated look.

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