Is anonymous New York Times op-ed treason?

"The View" co-hosts discuss who they think wrote the piece and whether it was an act of patriotism or treason.
7:34 | 09/06/18

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Transcript for Is anonymous New York Times op-ed treason?
So -- is our belief that a lot of folks must be dread ton white H thismo because yesterday, "Theorktimes" publish anopy a anonymous adminition officialiming peopln the inside are proteg America from Y knowwho, particularly eidecisions. Es this make you feel BETT is it a betrayale tr sit real? Wh do you think? O ahead. Why Dou start. You'reirl. Oh,thks. Full dad wks for the administon. Did you wri it? I did no and my dad did not, as far a I he'spatriot. I think -- he serves the president, both mythers the prest spp wt we're seeing trend. Three booksome makes this different is not a quote in an article. An anonymous source. Th was a piece that was well thoughtout. Very honest feelin my sense is ite person it was probably group O ople. Dozens others who feel conflicted. N that youeo make. Do you serveom whoou ten disagreement. You D love the style of leadership, but you love this count you feel like what you D I ur can help Yo can be as theicsaid, th adult in the room. You resign? Say I'mo befired? Rather the peoe he room to help this count cheers andpp I don't think T Reing -- I don't bee that resigning is option for person. It would be just another, I'm coming saying all these things that everybody knows already. We saw it in salbo the feckless Republican leadership. We'll do nothiit. Sowhat's the point. This this is a more subversive thiseing played out is a lit me frightening to the repubn republicin power. Who are ignoring everything that H D so that they C get Kavanaugh I the supreme court. Once they G H on the sme court, it'e they' turn O trump, too. Becausy will hav gotten everything they want.whey do you N him anymore. You could have pence this there, who will same ING. mean, I-t a subver act. Ihink this person is patriot.I tnk this person isertainly putting our country first. I think onounds like someone W is V thoughtful. Some who is well versed country's politics.theersonks about senator in. Sounds like ailitary person, to me.ving discussed this with a L of milit people that I havein my family. But I also -- alsohink tt this person is probably saving ouuntry. Youow when Y think about it. [ Applause I really do. Because this feels difrent me.ow, the books, they come ou okay, everyonenonymous sour. While person isonymous, they'reing the rootthe problem is thepresids amoralit any whoorith him knows he is N moored to anyble first princip th guide hisdecisimaking. 'Re sing thipresident amoral. They also point accomplishments. E are a of angry people today. All of us the table have gone ahe count and talk T people. I spentast two years going to diners a talk to people. How they feelut Theim we're in. Would guess they're upset becay fee lik they voted in trump.they didn' V in the peoplervingath him. Actually, they DI I don't mean to cutou off. Vote for people T they bring I because you think they going to -- I think the --T's a co used have here you have to keep an eye on who is com with folks. So, but I -- see, I-'m not Su that this is -- I don't know that I bve is. About what? The op-ed? Sething about this -- there is thing stinky about the op-ed for me. How? 'Ll tell sai it - it's the is too odd. And it all the what's the better wor- the folks who thinkhere's a deep state and all that kind O stuff. It sort of gives there thin make ts particu man inte house a victim. Look at what' to him. How they're treating him. I'm not I belie this is fromeone who is actually doing stuff. That's just me. My gut issaying,ah, a little smel couplplaces. It's got to be career diplomat, T? The president is appointis own people. Of good pe he put there, idi own dad. M Mattis. People like that. They're Servi countr they're speakingbout how they feel I think they're probably eaking for ar of other peopleho fee the exact same way theydo. I'm sorry. There are plenty of guesses about whothis. One online the points to the word"lodtar" which onlyeicial us quite a bit. Take a look. That's going to continue the alodestar As our lodestar. Lodestar. It Reay W the lode. MM. I won who the talking about. Somnelose to him. Ma[ laughter [ applause you kn what? I don'tence it ihido I thinke' too scared. He's the oy one that C't get fired. A he' the one that would gain from it. If the got ridone, H wouldthe president. I still don't think H the guts to do Thoughtful. Well written. Someone who understands this country well.soundsike military person to me. Loads -- lodestar is maryte I spoke to family they said this is a military guy. It's too obvioo lodest pence. B theway, to make another in"theew York Times" ING. I know that's a the president likes use. They'reoing quite well. Winning, actually. That's troit. I believe that's why this pso went to "Themes." Use mes" is the gray old dy. "The New York times"aseen re for well over 100years. Many year We're going to to L Davis, who places a great deal blame on"the New York fory's issues.he's goi toe here. We'll talk to him I bit. But we'll be rightback, of course, to talk about more "Hot

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss who they think wrote the piece and whether it was an act of patriotism or treason.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"57648003","title":"Is anonymous New York Times op-ed treason?","url":"/theview/video/anonymous-york-times-op-ed-treason-57648003"}